Place of Birth


Graduated of Corinth high school
Studies in Architecture (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) - Diploma in Architecture
Scholarship by I.K.Y. (State Scholarship Foundation of Greece) for post- graduate studies abroad , starting from 1984 (first in the 1983 competition).
Post Graduate Studies in Architecture, Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, University College London.
Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Studies.




Technical Chamber of Greece
Association of Greek Architects
Member of U.I.A.
Member of the Hellenic Institute of Architecture Board of Directors.

Professional/Academic Status

1983 - 1988
Office of Architectural Studies, Thessaloniki
Technical Consultant of University of Thessaly
1991 - 1995
Associate of“Synthesis” Co, Office for Architectural Studies
1992 - 1997
Lecturer in interior design in AKTO – Middlesex University
1993 -
Architectural design office , dn-Architects, 24 Theatrou sq. Athens, Greece
2002 - 2004
Technical Consultant of University of Peloponnese
2004 - 2012
Lecturer in, School of Architecture, Department of architectural design, N.T.U.A, Greece
2012 -
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Department of Architectural Design, N.T.U.A, Greece
2 - 6 Feb 2013
Visiting professor, Universitad CEU Cardenal Herrera, Valencia
18 - 21 June 2013
Member of the international Scientific Board for the International Confenrence on 'Changing Cities', Skiathos Island, Greece

Academic Profile

Teaching fields
Architectural Design - I currently teach on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
Undergraduate Courses
Architectural Design 7 and 8 in the fourth year of architectural studies, having teams in studio, with my lecture contribution forming part of both the architectural theory and the design procedure teaching. Special topics in synthesis 8, in the fourth year of architectural studies, 3D Digital building design - structural form research (space, materials, light). Creation of digital reproduction in a pc with 3d programs help. Special emphasize on the approach possibility «from the inside», light parameter, material expression, texture and color.
Postgraduate Courses

In the last two years I participate in the teaching staff of the Inter-Departmental Postgraduate Program: Architectural Design - Space – Culture, Unit of Conceptual tools, the syntax analysis of architectural space.

This unit is investigating the architectural questions of urban space and housing. My special interest is inthe Public space issues and in the theories andtechniques ofthe territorial analysis, the constitution of limits of Public space, public-private and in between areas, techniques of constituted observation and the corporeity of space. The analysis is using examples of modern urban planning - squares, streets, urban parks.

Research Profile

My special interest of research is the use of methods of territorial analysis in the cases of re-designing of the urban places (Dimitra Nikolaou, M.Sc. Thesis,. in Advanced Architectural studies U.C.L .: IBA, Berlin 1984-87. Intervention Proposal for Friedrihstaadt in comparison with the historicurban structure), for the re-designing of regions of residence, the research of the relation between the strategic choices of re-designing and in the social repercussions of this choices. The field of research is parts of urban areasthat are included in wider ones . The methodological tool that is used for the research is supported in the theory of U.A.S. (B. Hillier J. Hanson .) for the “syntax of space” and the argument that territorial relations are immediately the social influenced relations, the “social logic of space” and simultaneously f the “spatiallogic of society”, as this is described in Hillier B. and Hanson J., Social logic of space, Cambridge University Press, London, 1984.

Professional Profile

Private practice and Practice orientated research in Architectural design, management and supervision of private and public buildings (specializing in Educational, Cultural and Tourist Accommodation buildings), Interior Design, Architectural competitions, Participation in Research programs (A.U.TH.), Publications, Research and participation in Architectural Conference and Exhibition in Greece and Abroad.

Other Activities

1 - 2 June 2013
Participation in the 'TANGO y nada mas' dance-theater performance, Ilisia-Denisi Theater, Athens, Greece